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VMware Blues

VMware Workstation is annoying me. A recent Fedora 18 upgrade took the kernel to version 3.8.1-201, and a change in kernel necessitates a re-compilation of the bits and bobs that make VMware work (kernel modules and the like). Often, that is not a problem -but, far too often, it is, and such was the case this time. I suspect an upgrade to gcc version 4.7.2 is responsible.

So, when you launch VMware Workstation, you get this:

Which is fine: click the [Install] option, which brings up (after a prompt for the root password) this:

The yellow warning triangles are your first clue that this isn’t going as well as you hoped! The next screen just confirms it:

And if you check the log file mentioned there, you’ll see this sort of thing:

2013-03-10T11:19:29.891+10:00| vthread-3| I120: Building module with command 
     "/usr/bin/make -j8 -C /tmp/modconfig-eHRedb/vmci-only 
     auto-build HEADER_DIR=/lib/modules/3.8.1-201.fc18.x86_64/build/include 
     CC=/usr/lib64/ccache/gcc IS_GCC_3=no"
2013-03-10T11:19:30.562+10:00| vthread-3| W110: Failed to build vmci.  
     Failed to execute the build command.

So, that’s the end of that. :-(

It turns out that there’s a newer version of VMware available (9.0.2 instead of the 9.0.0.something I’ve been using), and installing that fixes everything. But it was only about three weeks ago that I downloaded the 9.0.0 version, and it’s 400MB-a-download, which I consider excessive. A product shouldn’t, I think, be so damned fragile as to break every time some libraries change a bit. And slimmer would be better, too.

Meanwhile, VirtualBox has passed through the same upgrade unscathed and fully-functional -and it’s only about 68MB to download. Productivity suggests it’s time for VMware to lift their game -and for me to look elsewhere for all my virtualization needs.