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oracle-150x150I do Oracle databases for a living and I am very keen that anyone similarly enthusiastic about Oracle should have the tools to be able to do so readily at hand. From time to time, therefore, I  write articles about Oracle, which I hope will prove helpful to would-be Oracle DBAs and Developers alike.

Simple Oracle 12c Installation Articles

All Oracle installation articles now use the Atlas pre-installer script. which requires a 64-bit operating system, a 40GB hard disk and at least 5GB RAM. Note that Atlas runs on practically any distro. Distro-specific documentation is available from the main Atlas landing page.

Atlas – the universal Oracle pre-installer

Simple Oracle 11c and 10g Installation Articles

This page links to various scripts which work to install older Oracle versions onto assorted distros. You are strongly encouraged to stick to using Atlas to help install 12c these days, however.

Other Oracle-related Articles