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Enable 3D Graphics for VMware Guests

Although my host Linux system is using the latest Intel graphics drivers, VMware Workstation 12 complains that 3D accelerated graphics are not available to guests:


Note that “Hardware graphics acceleration is not available” warning? But it ought to be: my host sports nicely wobbling windows and the desktop cube rotates as intended, both signs of decent 3D graphics support!

The fix is to go into your VMware preferences file and tell it not to be quite so picky about the graphics drivers it can use:

nano .vmware/preferences

And somewhere in that file, add a new line:

mks.gl.allowBlacklistedDrivers = "TRUE"

Obviously, if the file already contains such a line, replace it with a TRUE value (in double quotes) rather than add a new one. But my preferences file lacked any mention of “mks.gl…”, so I just tacked it onto the end of what there was.

Re-start VMware Workstation (i.e., close the entire program down and re-launch it), and you should discover that it no longer complains about the lack of accelerated graphics hardware:


Notice there’s still the warning about not being able to find an ISO file, but that’s just me being stupid and in any case is the only thing being warned about now. The important point is that the warnings about graphics hardware have gone away 🙂