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Peppermint & Oracle 12cR2

Thanks to the Younes Fix, Oracle 12c Release 2 installs nicely on Peppermint, one of the more niche Linux distros Atlas works on!

I hadn’t noticed that Peppermint itself has had a version increment: it’s now up to version 8 (from the original 7.something). Happily, Atlas makes light work of even the new version:

As it turns out, Peppermint 8 was released back in May 2017. I was rather distracted at the time, which is why I missed it.

I can’t say it’s an improvement on version 7: visually, it’s now pretty ghastly out-of-the-box. It also seems to have tumbled down the distrowatch popularity listings: Atlas’ criterion for including a distro or not was that it had to be in the top 20 of distrowatch’s listing. It was back in December 2016 when Atlas was first devised; right now it’s sitting at 28th on the list and going downwards…