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OpenIndiana “Hipster”

The future does not look especially great for Solaris, given Oracle Corporation’s seeming reluctance to hold on to its principle sources of Solaris development expertise.

However, OpenIndiana (which is based on the forked, open source Solaris 10) continues to be fitfully developed and refreshed by its loyal band of devotee developers: a brand new release hit the download servers at the tail-end of October (and is thus called the 1710 release of the Hipster fast development branch of OpenIndiana).

It is probably slightly odd to spend any time worrying about whether Oracle 12c runs on this new version of OpenIndiana, given its niche appeal and the imminent demise of the ‘real thing’ it’s based on. But I did anyway… and I can therefore report that both 12cR1 and 12cR2 install without drama.

12c Release 2 complains of a missing package, called ‘assembler-0.5’, but this warning can be ignored and the installation will continue to a successful conclusion anyway. There are no warnings about anything with 12c Release 1, I’m happy to say.

To make things easier, I’ve re-jigged Atlas to work to get these installations automated. Atlas was always promised to be the ‘universal’ script to get Oracle installed on ‘*nix’, so getting it to work for ‘proper’ Unix as well as for Linux is, if anything, long overdue.

I’ll be updating the Atlas documentation to reflect its new-found OpenIndiana-capabilities in the course of the next day or so. In the meantime, the short version is simply to build a Hipster VM with at least 5120MB of virtual RAM, then:

wget https://bit.do/dizatlas -O atlas.sh
chmod +x atlas.sh

After that, follow the prompts to completion (including a reboot). Then download the Solaris X86 flavour of one of the Oracle 12c database versions, unzip the download(s) and then invoke the Oracle installer by the usual database/runInstaller command.

3 thoughts on “OpenIndiana “Hipster”

  1. Thanks, Howard, for re-jigging the script to work with OpenIndiana.
    Will it work with Solaris 11.3 as well?
    I remember trying the old version of the script and following this guide:
    but the script hung at some point.
    I would be really grateful if the new version of the script can handle Solaris as well.
    Just want to add that I really appreciate your hard work and brilliant articles. I have used your script and guides numerous times during my development as an Oracle DBA.

    1. Kind words: thanks!

      The script currently is specifically written only to let OpenIndiana work, for the very simple reason that wget won’t work on Solaris 11.3 with my web server! It complains that ssl3 isn’t supported …but it’s the ONLY version of wget on about 20 different O/Ses and distros that complains that way, so I’m disinclined to blame my web server!!

      Anyway, the problem is that if you’ve managed to get the atlas.sh script to run on Solaris 11.3, it chugs its way through the preliminary system tests well enough -but then fails to download the sub-script which actually does all the configuration work. So yeah: at the moment, Atlas doesn’t work on Solaris proper and there’s no simple way around that as yet.

      I haven’t ruled it out entirely, but the house is still in complete chaos, so I’m quite restricted in the amount of computer time I get these days 🙂 If it takes more than an hour or so to make work, it tends to stay broken 🙁

      Sorry. Keep watching this space, though. I intend to fix it at some point. (But I also have to fix it running on Ubuntu 17.10 first, which is also non-trivial!)

      I should add that I’m sorry my old Clooney script hung for you: I use it to install on Solaris 11.3 all the time, without incident. I’ll check I didn’t add anything by mistake somewhere along the line, but as far as I know, the script in the article you linked to *ought* to work fine.

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