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Must… Lock… Wallet… Away…

I didn’t know this site existed until today, but it’s fair to say that since I found it (courtesy of a link on the Peppermint Linux website), I am having difficulties keeping my wallet closed.

ToH will not approve of the extravagance of Linux embroidery on my t-shirts, however, so it might (unfortunately) be easier to hold fire than I had first thought… but who knows how long I shall be able to hold out?!

Sadly, they don’t do a Fedora one. Or a Manjaro one.

Mercifully, they don’t do an Oracle Enterprise one either (I guess the t-shirt would have to be tomato red if they did).

The SUSE chameleon one is really nice… but I don’t run that these days, so wearing it would just make me a fraud. Same goes for the Debian swirl-only…

So I figure I may have to settle for a simple Tux logo.

Unless I change my main desktop distro again. Hmmm…