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Finished! And only three weeks late!

I’m referring to Churchill 1.7, a major overhaul of the Churchill framework and its accompanying documentation, making it work on RHCSL 6.8, for 12c only, with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c and a complete overhaul of the bootstrap options available when kickstarting O/S installations.

At some point toward the end of January, it morphed into practically a complete re-write… and I thought seriously about calling it quits and declaring it to be version 2.0. But I’ve stuck with the incremental versioning for now. (I’ve been saving version 2 for when I get round to making it work with RHCSL 7.x distros).

I’m finished in another sense, though, too: the contract to purchase a house in Nottingham is ready to sign and it accordingly looks very much as though I’ll be becoming an ex-Aussie (or a re-Englishman, I suppose, depending on your point of view) on or around 6th March. I may not have much time to post much here given the packing, flight-booking, passport-checking, Internet banking, etc etc shenanigans that now ensue. If I can I will, but otherwise I’ll be back online toward the end of March, live from Nottingham 🙂

6 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Moving back to GB – that will be a significant (re)adjustment will it not? I would think a major “acclimatizing” like that will take awhile after x many years in Australia, no?

    On the other hand you will no longer have to watch for various poisonous creatures of all sizes that can kill you in a nanosecond (or two) around every corner – a big plus in my books. Although I heard there is one species of poisonous snake in GB, something I did not know until very recently. However I suppose running into one of those are about the same odds as winning the lottery.

    Good luck with your move!

    1. Cheers Glen! I will miss the non-poisonous creatures, but I won’t miss the heat. And, as I dimly apprehend the ‘retirement’ phase in my life, it will be nice to live somewhere that, after only flying for 5 or 6 hours, you can be practically anywhere else in the world. In Oz, you fly for 5 or 6 hours, you’re probably still in Australian airspace!! (Or New Zealand, which is much the same thing )

      1. Yes, my wife’s parents live in Toronto, we live in Alberta, but the rest of her family resides in Scotland. They (her Scottish relatives) find it hard to comprehend that the distance from us to her parents is roughly the same as the distance between them and her parents – because we live in the same country.

  2. Congratulations on purchase! Nottingham looks like a really great place to live. Well, now, we’re almost a neighbors :-). I do know the feeling of vastness you get in Oz, personally I “got it” while traveling by train from Perth to Adelaide, crossing Nullarbor Plain with 478 km of straight section of railway, and at the end we’re, well still in the middle of nowhere. As you said, you can cross a handful of countries in Europe in the same time — assuming existing borders as they are;-). Good luck!

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