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Encryption Options

In these days of rampant ransomware and ever-more intrusive “security” screening of incoming laptops by “the authorities”, the subject of easy-to-use encryption is more important than ever, I would have thought.

This recent article is a nice roundup of the available software solutions.

I’d add to it only this much: if you’re a Windows Pro or Enterprise user, make friends with Bitlocker. If you are a user of cloud-based storage, I cannot recommend BoxCryptor (mentioned at the end of that recent article) highly enough. And, as a Linux user, good old gpg is definitely handy for per-file encryption -though key management is always a problem, whatever your encryption methods, and I speak as someone who just toasted 140GB of data because I can’t remember the encryption key I used and, unaccountably, I seem not to have stored it anywhere, as is my usual practice. 🙁