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Sadly, my uncle died on Easter Sunday, at the (for our family!) grand age of 82. My aunt is not taking it particularly well which, given they were married for 59 years, is not entirely surprising.

I will say that getting 12cR2 installed on Ubuntu-based distros is not just a question of altering the gcc version in use, as I had hoped in my last post: I tried that without success. Meaning that we are still without 12cR2 working on any Ubuntu-based distro and with no obvious, simple fixes.

And, I’m afraid, given the need to organise family stuff and deal with funeral attendance etc., it’s unlikely I’m going to get much further with Ubuntu and 12cR2 for some weeks to come.

I’ll get back to it when I can. Meantime, please forgive and understand the posting silence that will now ensue for some time.

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