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News from Nowhere


Not, I think, that anyone’s really paying attention, but I’m back from London, having had a great time there. Must have walked about 60 miles in the 10 days; fell back in love with The Tube; was present to see a High Court judge sworn in; enjoyed a Latin mass at the Brompton Oratory and a lovely Evensong at Westminster Abbey (I try to be ecumenical in all things!); had a wonderful time with my extended family after all this time; and much, much more.

I mention it now only because I’ve just deleted my Twitter and Facebook accounts (two of the biggest, most pointless wastes of time on the planet, I think!), and I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I was dead or something!

Have a few tourist memories on me, anyway:

(Battersea Power Station. Still un-re-developed after all these years!)

(St. Paul’s Cathedral main entrance. Interestingly processed by my ‘panorama stitching’ software!)

(King’s Cross Station, with St. Pancras Hotel in background)

(Mornington Crescent tube station. I am a keen player of the Mornington Crescent game!)