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Atlas and Mint 18.2

It is obviously the season for assorted Linux distros to release new versions. Like busses, you wait a long time with nothing much happening -and then four or more come along at once!

On July 2nd, it was the turn of Linux Mint to release a new version, code-named Sonya, numbered 18.2.

It’s based on Ubuntu 16.04, which means it suffers from the usual problems that beset any Ubuntu-based distro when trying to install Oracle 12c Release 2… basically, nothing works at all! However, installing and using 12c Release 1 is fine.

Nothing about Atlas therefore has changed: it can be used as-is to achieve simpler 12cR1 installs on the new distro version:

Incidentally, I am still trying to work out what is going wrong with Ubuntu (and Ubuntu-based!) distros and 12c Release 2. I am not having much luck tracking it down, though. If anyone has input they’d care to offer, I’m all ears!

2 thoughts on “Atlas and Mint 18.2

  1. Hi

    First, thank you for your amazing work top allow running Oracle 12c on non-supported Linux distribs.

    Mine in Linux Mint 18.2. I successfully used your script to install and run 12cR1. However, I was disappointed about not being able to do the same with 12cR2.

    After looking at your atlas-fixup.sh script, I decided to try to make it work for 12cR2 and I did 🙂

    I will send you the details of the code I used to make this happen in a private email.

    1. I’ve already made a new blog post about this (please see this post). Basically, you have transformed Atlas and provided it with much-needed new capabilities to make it work for Oracle 12cR2 on at least five distros, not just the Linux Mint you were aiming at. It is a significant contribution for which I am extremely grateful. The “Younes Fix” gets mentioned in the Atlas scripts themselves in consequence. Thank you very much!

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