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hjr2015Howard Rogers is a former Englishman who became an Aussie for a quarter of a century and then relocated back to Nottingham, England in 2017.

He married his long-time partner in 2015, courtesy of Sydney’s British Consulate and the Consular Marriage and Marriages under Foreign Law Order 2014.

In the UK, he studied History at Cambridge University before becoming an accountant. He then realised he couldn’t make a balance sheet balance very often and so started teaching people Lotus 1-2-3. A career as an IT trainer then beckoned, before he decided to migrate to warmer climes in the mid-1990s.

In Australia, he became principal Database Administration trainer for Oracle Corporation in New South Wales. He became an Oracle ACE, member of the Oak Table and author for Wrox and O’Reilly. He soon resigned the ACEhood and Oak Table for having memberships and/or policies with which he couldn’t agree. Such is life.

He founded the Dizwell website in 2001. Its name is a contraction (and corruption) of Disraeli, his favourite Prime Minister; and Wellington, his favourite general.

Subsequently, he decided it was better to “do” than to teach, and thus became a proper DBA. For the past three years, he’s been senior DBA on the project bringing electronic ticketing to Sydney’s public transport network -something that has involved RAC, Data Guard, ASM, Solaris, SQL Server, Weblogic and a host of similar technologies. The trains mostly run on time, so he’s probably been not-too-bad at his day job.

By night, however, he yearns to be a conductor -of the works of Benjamin Britten mostly, but lately also of Vaughan Williams, Bach and Sibelius. He tries to compose at times, too, but with no especially good results. With a fine tenor voice that long ago packed up, he has sung in the Cathedral churches of Oxford, Freiburg, Lugano, Adelaide and Sydney, and  performed in assorted operas and oratorios.

When not being artistically gifted (which accounts for most of his waking hours, unfortunately), he enjoys reading American twentieth century and English mediæval history, cooking curry and roasts, technical writing, listening to Bach and cuddling cats. Not necessarily in that order.

He detests the Oxford Comma. He obtained a Private Pilot’s License in 1993. He met Peter Pears for a cup of tea and a (stale) digestive biscuit in 1985. He has Richard Nixon’s autograph.

You can email him at: [email protected]