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A Universal Pre-Installer

It is the new year, and nearly my birthday. So I thought I would treat myself to a streamlined and modular way of installing Oracle 12c onto practically any Linux distro I fancied.

Say ‘hi’ to Atlas, a single script that shoulders the burden of doing all the preparatory work needed to get Oracle running nicely.

No matter what distro you’re running, you just download Atlas; you chmod it to make it executable, and then you run it. It sorts out everything else after that for you.

Atlas therefore replaces the menagerie of per-distro scripts I developed over the past year (eg, Kirk for CentOS; Mandela for Ubuntu; Mercury for Manjaro and so on). Where those per-distro scripts worked to get 11g installed, I’ll keep them (because Atlas is 12c-only), though I won’t maintain them further. But if the distro-specific script only did 12c, it now disappears: Atlas is its complete functional replacement.

I’ve put together a landing page, explaining what specific distros Atlas has been tested with (at the last count somewhere north of 20) and the details of how it works and how to use it.

Whilst I’ve got the thing working on all distros mentioned on that page, distro-specific documentation will take a bit of time to arrive. That for Debian is already done. The others are coming, hopefully before the week is out.

3 thoughts on “A Universal Pre-Installer

  1. Happy New Year Howard!

    One word: impressive! After reading (but before I landed on page with “A Universal Pre-Installer” article), I expected a handful of Linux distros. And then I saw the matrix…uaaaao, didn’t even recognize them all (I was not aware about Chapeau and Antergos) and you tested your script on all of them!? And not just that, but also run a test on different versions? You must be running a VirtualBox ZOO 🙂
    Hats off, Maestro. (If you still have a wish list on Amazon, please drop me a line via email 😉

    Next week, I’ll test your atlas (atlas-bogart.sh) on two Fedora 25 desktops at work (I’m not sure, but I believe I got gcc 6.2.1 with the last update — so, I guess I’ll have to “patch” the script, installing compat-gcc…).

  2. Hi Ales:

    I stopped working last November (temporarily, at least!): I have had a lot of time on my hands since! So yeah; I’ve been kind of busy!

    The aim was to get Oracle running on every one of the Distrowatch.com top 20 distros, provided those distros were (a) in English and (b) weren’t Reactos.

    The documentation is taking a long time to put together, but I have indeed tested on all the listed distros (and am working on a couple of others more, too).

    Antergos is a great distro, btw: a graphical version of Arch, rather than a fork of Arch as Manjaro is. I have been tossing up whether to switch to it full-time, but I daren’t do anything until the entire Atlas doco is up!

    If you are installing Oracle 12c on Fedora 25, you don’t actually need to install any prerequisites at all! The major discovery of the past 6 weeks has been that a basic 12c installation requires hardly any software installs beforehand, despite what everyone’s articles scattered around the Internet might say (copied and pasted from their 11g efforts, I guess). Atlas still installs unixodbc through force of habit; and rlwrap because it makes for a nicer user experience. But that’s it: all gcc stuff is already in-place and you don’t need any compat stuff either. (Different story for 11g, of course… but then Atlas doesn’t work for 11g at all in the first place).

    I’ve also done another Fed25 install, just for you, and updated it up the wazoo before doing anything else. Gcc version was reported as having become 6.3.1. 20161221. Then I ran Atlas, and everything was fine and ran as-documented. So you should be good to go without any changes… but let me know how it went anyway.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts re: Amazon. I don’t really maintain wishlists there any more. It would seem that I am indeed a man who has everything! 🙂

    Apart from a job 🙁

    Good to hear from you again anyway: Happy new year!

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