Dizwell Informatics

News from Nowhere

As the last post indicated, I’ve done with Dizwell and will not be maintaining content here any longer.

Meanwhile, I am paying for hosting Dizwell, regardless of its relevance -which I’ve been happy to do for the past three months. I’ll even be happy to pay for it for another couple of months. But I can’t in all conscience pay indefinitely for something I’m not actually using (TOH won’t wear it, basically!)

Therefore, we cut to the chase: I shall be shutting down the Dizwell server in a few months.

If someone wants to take on Churchill or Atlas (or, indeed, any other content on these pages), please get in touch at [email protected].

I’ll be shutting the site down on 1st June. This isn’t, either, an invitation for the unscrupulous to just scrape all content and host it as their own: I’ll protect my intellectual property rights regardless. But I am definitely in the market for someone to pick up where I’ve left off and to curate the content in a way that continues to provide useful help to others.

If I don’t hear from anyone by the end of May… the plug gets pulled. My ego can cope!

Best regards, HJR