As the last post indicated, I’ve done with Dizwell and will not be maintaining content here any longer.

Meanwhile, I am paying for hosting Dizwell, regardless of its relevance -which I’ve been happy to do for the past three months. I’ll even be happy to pay for it for another couple of months. But I can’t in all conscience pay indefinitely for something I’m not actually using (TOH won’t wear it, basically!)

Therefore, we cut to the chase: I shall be shutting down the Dizwell server in a few months.

If someone wants to take on Churchill or Atlas (or, indeed, any other content on these pages), please get in touch at [email protected].

I’ll be shutting the site down on 1st June. This isn’t, either, an invitation for the unscrupulous to just scrape all content and host it as their own: I’ll protect my intellectual property rights regardless. But I am definitely in the market for someone to pick up where I’ve left off and to curate the content in a way that continues to provide useful help to others.

If I don’t hear from anyone by the end of May… the plug gets pulled. My ego can cope!

Best regards, HJR

Checking Out…

Last year was the year I decided to quit Australia (after 23 happy years there) in order to move back to the UK (which doesn’t require flying for 22 hours before you get somewhere more interesting!) It was a big move and resulted in us buying a nice 1930s house in Nottingham -and then spending the next six months renovating it and taking it back to its full Art Deco glory. That project took much longer (and much, much more cash) than we’d planned, but it’s now all looking pretty fine and the builders are -finally!!- gone for good.

So, as the year turns, I find myself happily bedded down in my new home and wondering about what direction my life will take in this newest of New Years. At which point, it occurs to me that this year is the nineteenth I’ve been working with Oracle databases in one way or another… and I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s at least one year too many. It’s time to change perspective, just as I changed countries, and look for different things to get interested in.

There are many consequences that flow from that thought -and the main one, from this website’s perspective at any rate, is that I don’t want to maintain the Dizwell website any longer. It’s time to move on and check out…

Practically, this means that the website content that is here today will remain here for the foreseeable future. The site is not disappearing. But there won’t be any new content and the existing content won’t be maintained or kept relevant. In particular, this means that Atlas gets frozen at the point it has reached (and thus is doomed to eventual irrelevance as distros keep on churning out fresh versions that break Oracle installations in interesting new ways!) I’m sorry about that, but maybe someone will offer to take on Atlas and keep it relevant in a different context?

Of course, this is just a New Year’s resolution and is therefore subject to the same pitfalls that all such resolutions face; namely, that people don’t tend to keep them for long! But on this occasion, I really wouldn’t hold your breath: as best as I can tell, I’m permanently done here.

I have enjoyed the ride (on the whole) and like to think the Dizwell site, in all its many forms, did a little good for some, somewhere along the way… but for now, I wish my long-suffering readers all the best for 2018 and trust their Linux and Oracle adventures go well without me. Bye…