Fedora 27 and ZFS

Just a short note to point out that, finally, the ZFS on Linux guys have released a version which works with Fedora 27. There is therefore nothing to stop you upgrading to version 27 now (though the fact there was a month-plus wait for the v27 repository from the ZFS developers is another reminder that using ZFS on a bleeding-edge distro is not the faint-hearted!)


I am not entirely certain what possessed ToH to suggest that it would be OK if I bought the Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears autographs that you see to the left.

But the suggestion was, for some reason, made… and swiftly acted upon. 😀

In consequence of which, yours truly got an early Christmas Present (I am told it’s also my January 2018 birthday present, plus Christmas 2018’s gift and also Birthday 2019’s… and probably ad infinitum thereafter!)

In fact, it didn’t cost the Earth (though a slightly smaller planetary body probably covers it); but framing it turned out to be surprisingly expensive -UV-protective, non-reflective glass doesn’t come cheap, apparently.

But at last Britten’s autograph now takes pride of place in my study …next to those of Nixon and Maria Callas.

Which makes me very happy.

In case I don’t write again this year, therefore: equal happiness and joy to all my readers as the Christmas season approaches!!