I’ve not written for a while. That’s down to a few things:

  • A surprise trip to the UK at Christmas (turning up on your sister’s front door on Christmas Day without any warning is quite a fun thing to do. Luckily they had a very large turkey, so we could be fitted in to the day’s festivities without too much drama)
  • Being ill throughout most of January -something picked up in the Wintry climes of the UK, no doubt. Quite nasty, lots of antibiotics, still not quite ‘right’.
  • Deciding to get married and having to organise it. The big day is at the end of February (once a decision is made, best not to faff around, I think), so not a lot of time to get things sorted.

Exhaustion from finally polishing off Churchill is probably in there somewhere, too.

Interesting article (and associated comments) here, by the way, considering my last post: I’m obviously not alone in thinking that Linux is somehow a lot less fun than it used to be.

That will explain why I spent my January illness wiping every last trace of Linux from any servers or PCs in the house: VMs only for me from now on. Windows 10 Technical Preview is on the main desktop, Windows 8.1 everywhere else, except on the servers which are running Windows 2012 R2. It’s equally as much not-fun as Linux, but it works without me having to fiddle and, what with one thing and another, I’ve finally got the message that fiddling is a waste of time and resources.

That said, I’ve been toying with the idea of documenting how to get Oracle running on FreeBSD, which is the very definition of fiddling, I guess :-)

Anyway: I’m still here, in case anyone was wondering.