Asquith 1.09

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve just released a new version of Asquith which now supports installing standalone and clustered databases. Previously, in the 11g product range, it only supported and versions. It still supports 12c, too, of course.

The only change in behaviour over the previous version is that you supply a ORAVER=11204 bootstrap parameter when booting a member server (having previously copied the installation media to your Asquith server first, of course).

It will take a while to update various pages/articles to reflect the new ORAVER option, but hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll have it all done.

Note that Salisbury doesn’t get this update: Asquith and Salisbury parted ways some time ago.

Mid-life crisis solved

It has taken a week of haggling over the price, but today we finally agreed to buy a new car: the Mercedes E200 convertible, as pictured.

It’s apparently an “entry-level” Mercedes… in which case, I’d hate to find out how much the other levels cost to move into, because this one is frankly more money than I was comfortable parting with! But the old Pajero was approaching its fifth anniversary, a timing belt replacement (or so I was reliably informed by ToH) and a major service; plus this sips 6L per 100km, instead of the Pajero’s 12.8, so this halves our fuel costs… with such lists, one attempts to persuade one’s self that this purchase was necessary, inevitable… even a cost-saving measure!

The fact is, though, that it’s pure indulgence on my part. I’ve fancied a convertible since I was about 30 but only now has it become possible to even consider it as a realistic possibility. I guess turning 50 at the start of the year may have had a hand in it, too!

We pick the thing up on Thursday… when it is due to be raining. So taking it for a wind-in-the-hair spin will have to wait awhile yet.