VPS Special Offer

I have really enjoyed playing with the Linode Virtual Private Server I bought back in December: a virtual machine of your own, to do with as you like. It’s what this website is hosted on and apart from one nasty (physical) hardware-related outage a few weeks back, my uptimes have been excellent. So I’d recommend Linode to anyone wanting to experiment with Linux or web-related technologies (like email, Apache and so on). At US$20 a month, I don’t consider it too expensive, either …but I recognise not everyone will feel the same way.

So how about US$30 a year? For a VPS that has slightly more hard disk space and double the RAM than the Linode equivalent (and 2TB of monthly bandwidth, too)??

That offer is available now from ChicagoVPS, and I signed up for mine just yesterday. Being such a recent customer, and my new virtual private server having uptime of just over 1 day, I can’t recommend ChicagoVPS in quite the same way I can Linode. I will also say that, at this early stage, I think Linode’s virtual host management and monitoring tools are easier to use (and find!) than ChicagoVPS’.

But, at the price, if you were wanting an inexpensive and effortless way into VPS hosting, I’d say this can’t be beaten.

The secret to getting it so cheap is to select the OpenVZ VPS plans option, then the SSD Cached VPS option. Slide the product selector all the way to the “Enterprise” level, which threatens to charge you US$17.95 per month (still a good deal, actually). Go through the checkout and purchasing options, though, and supply the discount promotion code SAVEBIG when prompted: you’ll find $150 lopped off the baseline annual charge, leaving you with just US$30 to pay.

I shall be using my new VPS as a ‘spare’ in which to perform experiments and run things I wouldn’t want to take place on the server hosting my blog! With 50GB disk space and 2GB RAM, there’s plenty of room to run a decent Oracle database, for example.

Wired for… packets

Something I’ve wanted to do for about 10 years, but only just got around to: we finally got the electricians in to wire the house with cat6, all neatly wired up to a convenient spot in the nearest cupboard. Lucretia the feline has lost a bolt-hole, and I’ve lost a wardrobe, but I think it was worth it:

That’s the UPS and one of the HP servers, with a new 24-port patch panel tucked happily behind -plenty of room for expansion!

All up, it took them the best part of an entire day to cable the house (threading the cables down the walls being the trickiest part, apparently), but I’ve finally got a server room I can shut the door on! Plus, streaming a Blu-Ray from one end of the house to another is now a piece of cake.

If I ever build another house, I will definitely be demanding that ethernet cabling is included from the get-go. I did ask about it at the time we built this one (ten years ago, now), but the builders were clearly non-plussed. Their only concession to networked modernity was a late-night phone call saying that if I wanted the house wired, I should get down to the building site now and start stringing my own cables about the place… something I obviously was not prepared for, and thus was the “opportunity” lost.

Anyway, better late than never. Now all I need to do is think of 18 other places I’d like a network port installed… :-)