I am now back from the UK (and utterly exhausted… jet-lag impact seems to vary proportionately with age, I fear). It was quite cold and very wet (hope all my British friends are able to stay above the high water line), but I love the place still and was reminded of how so live-able it is when I got off the plane at Sydney and instantly met with 26 degree (Celsius) heat and humidity of 90% (which is pretty reasonable as far as Sydney goes!)

During my short visit to Blighty, my sister took me for a day out around Salisbury and Winchester Cathedrals, in which I discovered that the Rogers have a coat of arms all of their own:

In heraldry-speak, that’s apparently “Argent a Chevron gules between three roebucks courant sable attired and gorged with ducal coronets or branches of laurel vert”. Whatever it means, I intend to use it sometime. Oh, and I am apparently, by descent, a great spear-thrower. I’ve just been hiding it well all these years.

I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who sent condolences, either via comments here or via email/snail mail. They were much appreciated. It is true that I wasn’t particularly close to my brother and he’d been ill a long time, but it’s still a shock when it happens -so it was very helpful to know others were ‘on my side’, as it were.

Anyway, back to business: I notice that Mint 14 is now out, in both Cinnamon and MATE flavours (Cinnamon uses Gnome 3 code but not the Gnome 3 shell; MATE uses a fork of Gnome 2 code). I have had a quick look at the Cinnamon flavour in a virtual machine, but nothing stands out that’s particularly worth talking about. In line with my new policy, Gladstone will NOT be getting an update to deal with the new OS version. However, Gladstone’s replacement is lurking in the wings… so watch this space.

Sorted… and absent for a bit

Phew. It shouldn’t haven taken so long, but I have been a bit distracted and so it did. I have, however, finally worked out why my Oracle-on-Solaris 11.1 installations were failing at the point where Enterprise Manager gets configured. Somewhat unbelievably (to me), it turned out that my server’s timezone was wrong.

Yup: a timezone issue can stop the dbconsole from starting. If you skim-read the logs generated at the point where dbconsole fails, though, it might not be obvious! What you’ll see is something like:

WARN  http: nmehl_connect_internal: connect failed to (kelvin.dizwell.home:3938): Connection refused...

…and you will then spend several days wondering if your network configuration is wrong in some way, because connections to a URL are clearly not getting through. You’ll disable IPv6 and your firewall. You’ll rebuild your DNS server, just in case. You’ll do anything, in fact, except look a bit more closely at the emdctl.trc file, where you might just have spotted one line amongst dozens that reads, instead:

ERROR main: nmectl.c: nmectl_validateTZRegion, agentTZoffset =660,and testTZoffset for +10:00...

…which kind of gives the game away, if only you’d noticed it among the detritus!

Anyway, a quick echo $TZ revealed it was set to localtime, despite me having carefully picked a properly-named timezone during the original OS install. An even quicker export TZ=Etc/GMT+10 followed by yet another emctl start dbconsole and the darn’d thing started first time of asking! I feel very silly for not having spotted the issue earlier, but it’s a lesson learnt, that’s for sure.

I’ll write this up properly as soon as I can… but unfortunately, my brother died a couple of days ago, so I have been busy organising a hasty trip to London for the funeral. I won’t be posting anything here very much until after I get back around 26th November, therefore. Top of my list, otherwise…