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The Churchill Changelog

Date Version Change Details
August 25th, 20161.6Scientific Linux 6.8 is now the default OS implied if speed keys are used. All support for 11g now removed: only 12c installations now work. Fixed tmpfs sizing to suit 12c needs.
July 16th, 20161.5Some more .bashrc refinements; also made Scientific Linux 6.7 the default OS implied when speedkeys are used; miscellaneous error fixes
July 22nd, 20151.4Modified the .bashrc to provide better login environment for oracle and grid users (colour, instance prompts etc.)
November 22nd, 20141.3Substantial tidy-up and addition of response files to make Cloud Control 12c install on a 12c database correctly
November 12th, 20141.2Minor fix to prevent build of Churchill/Attlee servers hanging for a long time before completing successfully
November 6th, 20141.1Added support for CentOS 6.6. Made CentOS 6.6 the default OS implied when speedkeys are used in the bootstrap line
September 26th, 20141.0Initial Release
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