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Salisbury Asquith
salisbury-150x150.jpgThe Salisbury framework helps create properly-configured Oracle Servers with error-free convenience. It uses NFS to share out storage to client Oracle servers, standalone and RAC alike.h_h_asquith_1908-150x150.jpgThe Asquith framework helps create properly-configured standalone, RAC and Data Guard Oracle Servers, this time using the power of iSCSI to provide shared storage devices to Oracle servers, which they can turn into Automatic Storage Management (ASM) disk groups.
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thumbs-up-150x150.jpgTechnical articles on things Linux, Solaris, Oracle and …er, Other.

Downloadable Files for Gladstone and others
diary-150x150.jpgThe current irregular writings of a tech-head and Bach/Britten geek.

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